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Tesla Charging Installation

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Have you Recently Purchased a Tesla Car?

Congratulations! It’s time you get an EV charging station installed for your Tesla car back at home in Vancouver.

While there are plenty of options for charging your electric vehicle, nothing works more effectively for people than to charge their Tesla cars in the confines of their home.

There’s no better option than getting an Tesla charging station installed at home and charging your electric vehicle overnight. In fact, Tesla recommends it’s vehicle purchasers that they should opt-in to get a charging station installed at their respective homes after they make the purchase.

Are you in search of a trained electrician in Vancouver who can install the Tesla EV charging station at your home? Then Modern Electric Inc. can help you install the best Tesla charging stations in Vancouver, Canada.

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Get EV Charging Station for Your Home to Charge Your Tesla car

While plugging your vehicle into a normal socket using a cord wire is the simplest way to electrically charge your vehicle, it’s definitely not one of the best solutions. When it comes to electric vehicle charging, we highly recommend that you don’t use this Tier-1 charging approach because of many reasons. Charging EV by directly plugging it into a slow charge spot is not good because

Firstly, a direct plug-in will provide a slow charge up for your EV and may not fully charge your electric vehicle.

Secondly, this charging method might not be safe for your vehicle’s battery unit and may deplete its working efficiency.

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Fortunately, we understand that modern vehicles require modern solutions.

It’s why Modern Electric Inc. brings the best EV charging station installation service that will provide fast charging speed for your Tesla vehicle. Our Tesla charging station installation service is highly affordable and our electricians in Vancouver will hardly spend time installing one.

Now experience fast and safe vehicle charging in the comforts of your home and overnight.

Wake up the next day only to find your electric vehicle full on charge and ready to hit the road!

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Why Do You Need the Tesla EV Charging Station at Your Home in Vancouver?

While a tier-1 charging socket will provide you a 110 volts electric supply, an EV home charging station comes with a tier-2 charging socket which provides you a 240 volt EV car charging spot.

A 240 volt EV charging station will ensure that your vehicle gets fully charged in considerably less amount of time. Now you don’t have to worry about losing a charge while driving around town. While a normal charging point can take up to 12-16 hours to fully charge your Tesla vehicle, a 240 Volt EV charging station will hardly take somewhere in between 6 – 8 hours for charging.

While many commercial spots charge you by the hour for charging your vehicle, a home Tesla charging connector doesn’t require you to pay hourly charges. Instead, you only have to pay for the electricity your vehicle consumes to get charged overnight which will come in your bill.

Do you know that charging a car can cost less than the electric consumption of an air-conditioner?

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Get Tesla EV Charging Station Installation From Our Electric Company

When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is quite the reliable name in the market. But that’s not where the innovation stops at Tesla; The company also deals in EV charging stations which provides fast charging. Whether you wish to set up a level 2 EV charging station at your home or your commercial workplace, Modern Electric Inc. can install Tesla charging stations at your premises at an affordable price tag.