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Security Systems

Do You Need Any Help For Electrical Maintenance?

Say goodbye to short circuit incidents and fire hazards once and for all with our top-notch electric service in Vancouver Canada.

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Get Top-Tier Smart Home Security System in Vancouver with our Electricians

Has home security been a major concern for you in Vancouver and keeps you wide awake at night? Well not anymore. Modern Electric inc. can provide you with a complete installation service for smart home security systems. Make your home the perfect safe haven with our modern electric solutions.

Modern Electric

We Install Commercial & Residential Security Systems in Vancouver

Whether you’re searching a commercial smart security system or one for your home residence, our tech-savvy electricians in Vancouver can provide you the best smart security at a fairly affordable price. The safety and security of your prized possessions is a priority concern which requires in depth attention. It’s why we bring the most robust commercial & residential security systems to your doorstep. We install CCTV cameras and smart alarm systems which can be smartly controlled with different gadgets. Now how about getting your home or office a robust smart security system?

Modern Electric

We Install Fully-Tested Smart Alarms at your Location

Before we deploy a fire alarm system at your location, we make sure that it is fully tested and qualifies the national and state codes. It’s why we only get fire alarms from the most reliable brands in Vancouver. Our electricians in Vancouver take every precautionary measure to ensure the fire systems are in proper working order. Our reliable electricians only install the best fire alarm systems at your residence. If it fails to meet the quality requirements, our experienced electricians in Vancouver will replace the alarm system with a different brand. Need a professional hand to install the best fire alarm systems in Vancouver?

Modern Electric

Residential & Business Camera Monitoring to Stay Vigilante

Are you an observant individual who wants to keep an eye out on what’s happening at your residence? How about we install smart cameras which can be operated through your smartphones and a mobile app. We can also install smart camera setups at your commercial workplace so you can observe who is visiting you. Whether you’re at home or you’re on-site, you can now observe your premises using a mobile app. Keep a sharp eye on who goes in and comes out from your premises with smart monitoring. In search of a professional electrician in Vancouver to install smart camera monitoring?

Modern Electric

Get Notified with an Alarm Notification on your Smartphone

Receive notifications through emails or smart apps on your mobile phone when someone tries to arm or disarm your smart security system. Now get a fully customizable security system where you have the control on the security features in Vancouver. Manage the locks at your commercial workplace or at your home and simply activate/deactivate them with your smart app. If somebody forgets to lock your workplace, you can get notified and lock it with your smart app with just a tap. Need absolute peace of mind? How about you install a smart security system at your location? Call Modern Electric inc.

Brands We Deal

Are you searching for a professional team of experts to install the best solar power solutions at your commercial workplace anywhere around Vancouver? Look no further than our very professional electric installation company in Vancouver. We work with some of the famous brands like Nu Heat, Control4 and Lutron to provide the best solar power products to you. Need a professional solar panel installation at your Vancouver workplace?