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We Provide Off-Grid and Residential Tier Grid Systems

Solar grid tier systems utilize the sun’s energy to power up your home appliances, electrical devices and other home electrical components. Here, you generate electricity with your solar panel solutions for companies like Clark or Burton who in return provides you with credits to purchase your electric consumption. On the contrary, you can also install a solar panel for your home residence where you can see a minimum reduction of 30% in your electricity bills which can go as much as up to 100%. Are you in search of a reliable team of expert installers who can rig up your place with premium quality solar panels? How about you give Modern Electric Inc. a call and our Vancouver electrician service provides you with a quotation.

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Need Solar Panels Installed? Hire the Best Vancouver Electrical Company

Save electricity consumption up to 30% by installing the best solar panel solutions at your Vancouver residence. Getting a solar panel installed will provide you with an alternate source of energy consumption. Time to generate clean power for your community and get subsidized electrical bills.

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Why Hire Our Electricians in Vancouver for a Solar Panel Installation Job?

We employ some of the highly trained solar panel installation experts who have worked on a variety of solar panel projects. They are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise when it comes to installing solar panel solutions at your residence. Our installer team has both the technical knowledge and years of on-hand experience in installing high quality solar systems at your location. Once we have installed the units and connected them to your home’s powerhouse unit, you will ultimately see a significant reduction in your electricity bills.

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How Our Technical Experts Install Solar Systems for You?

We start by taking a short survey of the location. It is a vital step that we need to perform in order to analyze the area, understand the geography of the location and assess the placement of solar sheets. Using different aerial imaging tools, we gather specific information about the sunlight and the direction in which we must place the solar panel at your residence so it can get the maximum exposure from the sun. Once we have assembled the technical details, we bring in your solar panel sheets and install them. We only deal with premium quality solar products coming from companies like Nu Heat, Control4, etc.

Modern Electric

Our Vancouver Electricians Also Provide Solar Panel Maintenance

Investing your budget in installing a solar panel is one thing, but keeping it well maintained is completely another. It’s why our reliable team of experts are always prepared to assist our people. We provide scheduled maintenance for the installed solar panel solutions. At Modern Electric Inc, our robust team of electrical contractors in Vancouver have certified technicians who can provide scheduled maintenance checks. Let us make sure that your solar panels are working at optimum efficiency while you sit back and relax.
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