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Residential Electric Services

Do You Need Any Help For Electrical Maintenance?

Say goodbye to short circuit incidents and fire hazards once and for all with our top-notch electric service in Vancouver Canada.

Modern Electric

A Premium Residential Electric Services in Vancouver

Do you want to transform your home into a glowing ball of comfort? How about you hire the most convenient electric service providers in Vancouver. Modern Electric Inc, has the best electric systems to make your residential premises a glowing & lively looking place in the neighbourhood. 

Modern Electric

A Trustworthy Residential Electric Service in Vancouver Available 24/7

Whether you want a new outlet installed at your home, or you want to add new track lights, a ceiling fan, a home theatre system or need smart home automation, we are the right people to deliver a premium quality residential electric service in Vancouver. Have absolute peace of mind and comfort with our electrical solutions. We only deal with reliable products from renowned brands for interior lighting and outlet installations. Equipped with the right tools and the best knowledge, we can perform a complete rewiring job alongside panel upgrades. Need a professional residential electric solution for your Vancouver home?

Modern Electric

Professional Electric Repairs & Electric Installation Service

Is the breaker at your home not working effectively or are you experiencing a wire system problem? Let one of our Vancouver electricians come up to your location and take a survey. We will identify all potential electric problems at your location and fix them at your discretion. Whether you wish to install new lights or a high-efficiency generator at your home residence, our professional electricians in Vancouver are more than willing to assist you any time you want. 

From installing smart lighting controls  to low-voltage equipment such as CCTV cameras, keyless entry systems, routers, etc. From solar power systems to solar panels, we can install everything. 

Need a reliable and trustworthy electrician in Vancouver for your residential electric services?

Modern Electric

Why Our Residential Electric Service Providers the Best in Vancouver?

We understand that every home in Vancouver has a different electrical system. And no matter how different your home  layout design is, they are all made up of the same electric components mainly wires, fixtures, circuits and outlets. Do any of the electrical components at your location malfunction? Call our professional electric company in Canada. Our highly talented vancouver electricians have ample experience in fixing all kinds of electrical components. Whether you require a quick repair or a general inspection, our team of electricians will do everything beyond your expectations. 

When it comes to electric solutions, we are one of the best electric companies in Canada. 

Modern Electric

Electric Works for Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage and Home Remodels

Starting out with a new home or tired of faulty wires in your kitchen, bathroom, garage or other areas of your residential premises? Either way, you require a professional electrician to pay a visit. Hire a professional and friendly staff of electricians to perform complete electric remodeling for your kitchen, bathroom, garage and other areas of your residential premises. We have a truck packed with all the essential components ready for dispatch to arrive at your location and help you out.

Planning to construct or remodel your bathroom, garage and homes? We are the electrical solutions for your Vancouver residence.

Modern Electric

Hire the Best Affordable Electric Service in Vancouver

Hire the Best Affordable Electric Service in Vancouver While there are plenty of reliable services operating in the market, finding the combination of a valued service along with the best affordable rates can be overwhelming. Let us take the burden of paying extra charges off your shoulders. We offer a nominal rate for our electric services in Vancouver. Whether you want a solar power system or you’re searching for an EV charging solution, every electric service comes at an affordable price. We bring premium quality residential electric service to your doorstep. Searching for an affordable electrician to offer your premium quality residential electric service in Vancouver?