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Off-grid power system

Do You Need Any Help For Electrical Maintenance?

Say goodbye to short circuit incidents and fire hazards once and for all with our top-notch electric service in Vancouver Canada.

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Free Yourself From the Grid with OFF-Grid Power System

Worried about the environment or do you have social concerns about energy consumption? Modern Electric Inc. can take your premises completely “off-the-grid” by installing an off-grid power system at your premises in Vancouver. We have a variety of off-grid electric system solutions to satisfy your consumption needs. Let us analyze your site and evaluate how much energy you desire to consume. We can design the most perfect Off-Grid energy system that will work wonders for you.

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A Variety of Off-Grid Power System Solutions

As reliable and trustworthy Vancouver based electricians, we make sure to bring off-grid power systems at your service. Are you working on a commercial level and wish to produce your own renewable energy or you want a solar panel setup at your residential premises, our reliable Vancouver electricians can help you. Here are a variety of off-grid power system solutions which you can install at your premises.

Off-grid solar power system

Convert sunlight into electricity by installing solar panels. It is quite beneficial mostly in sunny areas.

Off-grid hydro power system

Convert running water into electricity where water flows from high level to a low level turning turbines.

Off-grid wind power system

Converts wind energy into electricity where constant breeze continuously keeps the wind turbine moving.

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How We Perform Our Jobs as Electrical Contractors in Vancouver?

As a reliable electric company in Vancouver, our electrical contractors perform a brief survey of your location and measure your requirements of electric consumption. Based on your consumption, they make suggestions for off-grid power systems. Every off-grid energy project is different based on the consumption requirement of the premises. Our electrical contractors in Vancouver spend time designing an appropriate off-grid system that will surely complement your commercial/residential site. When it comes to energy solutions, we bring products from reliable vendors such as Nu Heat, Control4 & Lutron. Quality and reliability of products is our utmost concern, and that’s why we refer to high-quality brands.

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We Install Off-Grid Systems for Commercial Buildings

Whether you want an off-grid system for your off-site industrial facility or you want one for your commercial building operating anywhere in Vancouver, our highly trained electricians can visit your location. Let us perform a brief survey and estimate the costs that will be required to set up an off-grid power system. We can design the most efficient solution and install only the highest quality products. We deal in reliable brands in the market and we have the best electricians in Vancouver for you.

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Get Solar Panels Installed at Residential Buildings

Do you want to contribute to society by creating a sustainable and liveable environment? Solar panels can remove your hassles of damaging the environment. Get a clean renewable energy solution in the comforts of your home with Modern Electric Inc. We bring premium quality solar panel solutions only from the best brands like Control4, Nu Heat and Lutron. Let us do a brief survey and make suggestions. We bring the best solar panel installation at your doorstep anywhere in Vancouver.

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Before we begin our installation process, we entertain the following

  • Complete Site Analysis

  • Evaluation of Your Energy Consumption

  • Designing the off-grid system solution

  • Evaluation of the Investment

  • Acquiring necessary permits

  • Project initiation, installation and deployment