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EV Car Charger Installation

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Say goodbye to short circuit incidents and fire hazards once and for all with our top-notch electric service in Vancouver Canada.

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Install Premium Quality EV Car Charging Stations in Vancouver

Are you in search of the best electric car charging stations in Vancouver? Modern Electric Inc. can install the latest premium quality EV car charging stations at your location. Not only does a car charging station create a spot for people to charge their electric vehicles, if you’re running a restaurant or a cafe, there’s a strong chance that they would like to grab a bite or have some coffee at your commercial business. Go green with EV charging stations by reducing carbon footprint & get increased profit returns. Call our Vancouver electricians to install EV charging stations at your residential & commercial places.

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We Install Level 2 Charging Stations at Your Residential Locations

Do you wish to install an EV charging point at your home location so you can easily charge your Tesla vehicle? Now how about you install a Level 2 charging station at your home from a reliable brand. It will charge your vehicle while you come back home, enjoy a meal and sleep. While you perform your daily tasks, our fast charging, efficient and convenient EV charging stations will perform the perfect charging. Our electricians in Vancouver will work closely with your people to choose the perfect brand & model. Tag along with us to find the most optimal EV charging solution for your home residence.

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Expand Business Opportunities by Installing EV Charging Station

Do you not desire to attract influential customers to come to your commercial business? If you happen to run a restaurant or a cafe, an EV charging station can attract high-standard employees and business people to your location. It can transform your commercial business location into a full-fledged corporate coffee shop or burger joint, who knows right? If you want to improve your brand image, we can help you. Hire our expert electric contractor in Vancouver to perform the best EV charging product installation
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Install a Variety of Unique EV Station Designs at Your Location

When it comes to electric car charging stations, there’s no size that fits all. Based on your preference, we can provide you with a variety of unique EV station designs. Choose one that fits perfectly to your commercial requirements and our Vancouver electricians will install the best looking EV station at your commercial location. We have a team of specialists who are always prepared to work across Canada. Your search for versatile electricians in Vancouver has finally come to an end. Let us help you now.

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An Affordable Electric Company for EV Charging Installation Service

While there are plenty of electrical installation companies operating in Vancouver, there are only a few who can offer you the best price for any installation job. We, at Modern Electric Inc. ensure that our pricing plans are very reasonable. When it comes to serving our people in Vancouver, we aim to deliver the best quality service. It’s why we recommend them only the best brands when it comes to EV charging. Apart from what you pay for the material and equipment, we make sure our prices are very nominal.

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