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Commercial EV Charger Installation

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Commercial EV Charger Installation Service in Vancouver

Get a commercial EV charger installed at your commercial property for easy Electric vehicle charging. Whether you’re running a hospitality industry, an office, a retail shop, or anything else that falls in the commercial category, our electricians in Vancouver can provide a state-of-the-art EV charging installation services.

Hire our expert EV charger installation service in Vancouver today!

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Why a Commercial EV Charger Installation the Best Choice?

With companies like Tesla, we are now observing many electric vehicles becoming quite common in different parts of Canada. Whether it’s your employee who owns an electric vehicle or you wish to keep fleets energized, install a commercial EV changer at your premises to assist others by providing renewable fuel energy. Not only would a EV charge setup at your commercial space help people to charge their electric vehicles but it will also attract customers to your commercial business in Vancouver.

EV charger are a remarkable asset for those seeking to market their commercial businesses. A business which offers an EV charge facilities indicates that they care about the planet and are taking every possible measure to create a more livable and breathable environment for the people. Sustainable businesses have a different allure and may encourage consumers to come over at your commercial place and contribute to your venture of making a green living for tomorrow.

We at Modern Electric Inc. have talented electricians in Canada skilled in installing all kinds of EV chargers.

Do you also desire that your commercial business have an EV charging facility? Our experienced EV Charging professionals are always ready to assistant you.

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Experience the Fastest Charging with Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers

While a normal DC level 3 charging station for residential usage can take as long as up to 6 – 8 hours to fully charge your vehicle, a commercial EV charging spot can charge electric vehicles in under 30 minutes. It’s why it is considered one of the fastest EV charging options. Do you own a restaurant or a coffee shop? Are you running a retail store or some other commercial business? How about you hire one of our Vancouver electricians to install a commercial EV charging setup at your location at a fair price.

Attract customers so they can visit your commercial business while their Electric Vehicle charges.

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Why Consider Modern Electric Inc. for Your EV Charger Installation in Vancouver?

At Modern Electric Inc. we have some of the best electricians all across Vancouver. Our highly knowledgeable and talented electricians are skilled with installing all kinds of EV charging products commendably. They have worked on a series of electric charging point installations at residential & commercial locations across Canada. Not only are they skilled, but they also consider the best brands for setting up the perfect electric system for your vehicles.

Our reliable electricians in Vancouver will cherry-pick the best products. Let us install the perfect commercial EV charging solution at your commercial premises.

Do you want to add a sustainability (go-green) element to your business? Let us help you!