The Five Benefits Of Charging Your EV At Home

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charging-an-electric-car-at-home in vancouver

Without a doubt electric vehicles are far better than petrol run vehicles. It’s both good for the environment and most importantly, it’s easier to maintain them. With the EV industry growing, more and more charging stations are being constructed at different locations and it’s great but having your own EV charger and having the ability to charge your car at home is something that anyone would find more convenient. 

If you are planning to buy an electric vehicle and are stuck between the decision of charging it at home or at local stations then you need to stick with us a little longer. Today we are going to jot down some important benefits of charging your EV at home. 

starting with; 

1-Improved Battery Life 

The battery of an EV is almost similar to a smartphone’s battery. Constantly using and charging the battery will decrease the capacity of the battery to hold power and eventually you will have to purchase a new one. 

The wiser thing to do here is to use your home charger to charge your EV only when it’s required. It’s always better to have a fully charged battery instead of charging it halfway again and again at location charging stations. 


As said earlier, one of the biggest advantages of charging your EV at home is the convenience with which it comes. You won’t have to rely on the public charging stations and it’ll save you a lot of time and prevent any hassle. The only time you should visit a public station is when you have a long journey to cover and when you know that charging the battery once won’t be enough. 

3-Fast Charging 

When you use your home charger to charge your EV, it’ll take somewhere around 45 minutes to 7 hours but when it comes to the public stations, you can’t actually tell how much time it would take for you to have a fully charged battery. Yes, there are some rapid charging stations installed at some locations but you should know that those aren’t cheap and you’ll have to pay a lot more there than what you’d have to spend on your home EV charger. 

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4-Property Value 

If you are planning to list your house sooner or later than you should know that with an EV charger at your place, the value of your property will increase. In short, with an EV charger, your property would basically become future proof which is now what people usually look for. Especially if you are lucky enough to find a buyer with an EV, he’d be willing to pay you the price you want if you have an EV charger installed. 


Investing in a quality EV charger will work wonders for you because the home chargers are compatible with a wide array of EVs. But with the public charging stations, things aren’t the same. You’ll have to wait in lines and make an extra effort to find brand-specific charging stations and it can be quite draining too. Instead, just call a professional Vancouver electrician who will install a new EV charging station at your home. 

With these benefits jotted above, one can clearly tell that using a home EV charger is way better than opting for public EV charging stations. So if you want the best value for your time and money then you know what’s the right thing to do! 

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