Smart LED lighting for residential use – illuminating the possibilities

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smart energy lights

Breath new life into your house with the latest, smart LED lighting. It’s robust. It’s efficient. But, most of all, it can totally change the outlook of your premises.

Look around, smart home gadgets are the talk of the town these days, they’re just about everywhere! A rising number of interests are being developed in customers for incorporating smart home automation functions in their household.

With just a press on your electronic device, you have the power to control everything. How? Well, smart LED lights can adapt to the usage behavior of individuals which is flexible and mobile-controlled – even when you’re on the move. So, in case you forget to switch off the lights before going to bed, worry not, you’ve got your smartphone at your disposal!

Whether it’s just a simple light bulb or an extensive lighting house system the smart light functions just don’t fail to impress you. From making your homes safer to creating a relaxing atmosphere, today’s lighting solutions are incredibly versatile. There’s something in-store for just about everyone!

Hence, to transform your boring, manual home into a better, smart home, here are some of the most amazing smart LED lights you can use:

The Best Smart LED Lighting Solutions

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb: We can say experiencing luxury with these dimmable, multicolor bulbs is no dream. Whether you’re planning to incorporate smart lighting or need to add some quality bulbs to illuminate your place, Yeelight’s Smart LED is a great solution.

This bulb easily connects to your Wi-Fi without the need for a hub to control the app. Depending on the time of the day and your mood, these lights can be dimmed such as to warm white or daylight. You can easily control the lights through various platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or the Wyze application via IFTTT.

C by GE A19 Bulb: Given 4 stars by 96% of the consumers, this C by GE bulb permits you to choose light from all the rainbow colors along with warm and cool white. Interestingly, this bulb doesn’t require a hub for a connection, but it is compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit as well as Google Assistant.

If you desire a quick response, Google Assistant is a wise choice as this smart bulb was initially designed for Google products. Apart from this, the lights can be conveniently controlled from your phone via the Google Home application when you’re out. However, the amazingness of this bulb makes it slightly expensive.

Lifx Mini White Smart LED Bulb: Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home, these mini guys are perfectly fit for desks or nightstand lamps. So, don’t restrict these efficient illuminators to the ceiling only! Even though they may not be your average bulb size, they sure can provide you maximum brightness with 800 lumens. What’s more? They can easily function without the presence of a hub and have excellent dimming capabilities!

Sleep-Shift Sleep Ready Bulb: Struggling with falling asleep? The insomnia is driving you crazy? Well, guess what? The sleep-shift bulb is designed to improve your sleep. It creates a soothing atmosphere of sunset hushing you into sweet dreams. The sleep-shift is not smart in the usual dimming or changing color way, it’s smart in a way that helps you fall asleep through less harmful emission of the blue light which other LED’s and electronic screens radiate.

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Modern Electric Inc.

With such technical smart bulbs, getting them installed can be a tough row to hoe. Therefore, you need to contact the best- Modern Electric Inc. This company has a brand image for installing quality electric systems professionally with the expertise of skilled labor. Therefore, if you’re planning to integrate a smart system into your homes, Modern Electric Inc. is your ultimate solution, because smart homes require smart solutions!



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